Together Alone: Tolga, İstanbul

What do you do for a living? What kind of changes did you experience during this period about your work?

I’m in the natural stone business since we export natural stone from Turkey to States, I spend half to of the year in the US and half in Turkey, I went to Us on March when the virus was not spread “that much”. I do client visits and business meetings with new accounts, face to face. But this situation got worse in the US as well so as a company we found these visits not safe, so I returned back to Turkey with the last flight on the 27th of March. In Turkey, I was already working from home so it didn’t affect my daily schedule that much.

How much time were you spending commuting? Can you use that time efficiently?

In the US I’m on the road most of the time driving client to client, in Turkey almost never drive for work.

Did you start new projects/hobbies?

Designed my new fish surfboard for the waves in Turkey, got the materials ordered, blueprints printed and soon I’m starting to carve my very first hand made board.

When was the last time you met someone in person? And who was that person? (Including the delivery guy, pharmacist, etc.) Do you meet your friends? Do video-chat apps/programs (if you use any) meet your needs for socializing?

Dealers deal smokers smoke ain’t shit changed baby. Definitely started to use live chat apps more to interact but nothing takes place of a good old hug.

Would you prefer not to be alone during this period? Or are you happy being alone?

A team would be better with everyone also having their own spaces, I’m tired of washing the damn dishes.

Do you have any recommendations for others who are alone during the quarantine period?

Work out, sweat, eat good, stay alive, and try to smile every once in a while.

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